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Two days ticket to Magicland for each person.
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Overnight in a 3- star hotel with breakfast included.
Two days ticket to Magicland for each person.
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Choose Parchigratis for you holiday at Rainbow Magicland! The only tour operator which offers you the best package holidays for the best amusement park in Italy.
The amusement park in Valmontone, near Rome, is the only park that takes your breath away thanks to its set designs inspired by magical realms. Gattobaleno, the park's mascot, and other characters such as Winx, Monster Allergy, Huntik and Pop Pixie will guide you through the different themed areas which develop around the big lake at the centre of the park.
Shock is definitely the most sensational among adrenalinic rides: it's a roller coaster that reaches high speeds in a just few seconds and gives you the shivers thanks to its loops the loops, dives and twistings.
If you are looking for something different, Cagliostro is right for you! This roller coaster with spinning cars runs hidden in a 1700s castle.
At Magicland everything is possible: you can venture a ghostly vessel, the Flying Dutchman, retrace the yucatan Falls, fall down the Mystica Tower, fight against the Huntick monsters equipped with laser guns and 3D glasses...
The Baby Kingdom is a village dedicated to children where they can marvel at the magic of Maison Houdini, ride on the Mad Cups or dream rinding on the Merry- go- round. 
In addition to the attractions such as the Rapids, Alfea Castle and the Flying Island you have the chance to watch the many shows dedicated to families. Have a look at the schedule show times as soon as you arrive at the park! Don't miss the Gladiators, a sword fighting between Roman fighters in the Palabaleno Arena or the Little Prince on- stage at the Planetario. What are you waiting for? Booking with Parchigratis is very easy: all you have to do is enter the date of arrival and the number of persons and you will display our best offers. You also have the chance to buy admission tickets for other parks of the area near Rome. Free admission to the park for children under 100cm. 
Remember that booking with Parchigratis is better! Once you have bought the package holiday you will receive the hotel reservation voucher and the electronic admission tickets to enter the park without queuing at the park box offices.
If you want to drive to the park, Rainbow Magiclad is very close to the A1 highway. If you drive from north take the Valmontone exit on the highway, if you're driving from south take the Colleferro one and then follow the driving directions to Rainbow Magicland. Paying and display parking. If you travel by plane and land in Fiumicino airport you can get a train to Roma Termini railway station and then get a free shuttle bus to the park. If you land in Ciampino airport you can get a train to Valmontone railway station and then a free shuttle bus to the park. If you travel by train the closest railway station is in Valmontone from where a shuttle bus to the park leaves.
Why don't you combine the magic of Rainbow Magicland amusement park and the city of Fiuggi with its ancient mineral springs and wellness centres?
Don't miss the chance to visit this beautiful village and book one of the offers Parchigratis proposes!