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Overnight in 3 stars hotel with breakfast included.
One-day ticket for Acquario di Genova for each person.
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The Acquario di Genova is the biggest display of aquatic biodiversity in Europe thanks to its 71 tanks which expose a huge variety of fish and mammals that inhabit the waters of the world. 
Visitors can discover the barrier reef and the lagoon of Madagascar, the Mediterranean seabed and the cold antartic waters, the mangrove forests and the tropical garden the “The beating of Wings”.
The main characters of this display of aquatic biodiversity are fish and mammals.
At Acquario di Genova visitors can find more than 15000 animals of more than 400 different species among which mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.
Visitors can't miss the chance to see seals, penguins, sharks, jellyfish, sea cows, dolphins and the colourful fish of the barrier reef. All these species live in their natural habitats that were accurately reproduced. There are also 6 different thematic areas which display the flora and fauna of the cold and tropical seas, freshwater and brackish water, the Mediterranean sea and tropical forests.
The wide success Acquario di Genova has achieved during the years was also based on the careful reproduction of natural habitats fish live in, the attention and care put on the well- being of animals and its raising people's awareness about the importance of protecting and respecting nature.
These traits make the acquario di genova one of the most important and visited sites in Italy and also one of the most extraordinary places where both adults and children can live an unforgettable experience.
The brand new Padiglione dei Cetacei was built in 2014 to amaze visitors thanks to its underwater tunnel and wall of glass. This setting make people feel like they are diving into the sea with dolphins! This new pavillion has 4 open ceiling tanks which host up to 10 dolphins.
Getting to the Acquario di Genova is easy.
By car: take the genova ovest exit on the highway and follow the road signs to Acquario/ Porto antico. There's also a wide parking lot open 24hours a day.
By train:get off in Genova Brignole and get the 12 or 13 bus line. If you get off in Genova Piazza Principe you can get the 1 bus line.
The nearest underground stop is San Giorgio.